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About us

Riverside is dedicated to world wide interdenominational evangelism.  Everything we do is on purpose! Our purpose is to establish something that will outlast everything else on earth.  We aren't establishing a building, a budget, or a cultural club.  Riverside is endeavoring to see God's Kingdom come on Earth as it is in Heaven.  Three building materials are used as we build upon Jesus, our foundation and chief cornerstone: Faith, Hope, and Love.  The greatest is love.  


Our mission statement is, "Have Fatih, Give Hope, Be Love."

We do not believe that 'church stuff' is reserved for the 'professional christians.'  Everyone who believes in Jesus should be functioning as ministers of the Good news of Jesus - the Gospel.  Riverside is a very organic, authentic, and diverse group of Christ followers doing their best to glorify Jesus while following HIS lead.  Therefore, no two services are the same.  We lean into the work and the out-workings of the Holy Spirit as we pray, worship, and teach from the Bible.

Riverside has a passion for raising up passionate leaders, commissioning parents to lead, marriages to be spiritual unions, and believers to be atmosphere changers wherever they are.

our Key Disciple Makers:

Lead Pastors

Anthony & April Flanigan

Worship and Prayer

David & Micahela Stegman

Associate Pastors

Tony & Catalina Hacker

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Family Connections

Luke & Hannah Sears

Next Gen/Children

Jessie Poling

Pastoral Care

Tom & DeAnn Poling

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