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What Our Greatest Fear Ought To Be

I open up my iPad often to overlook the background image. The same image I’ve had for the past three years. The backdrop simply says: Do Work That Matters! It’s all too easy to get lost in the social stream, scrolling down, scrolling down, trolling around. It’s easy to get distracted from work that matters. Sometimes we lose sight of what really matters in it all.

I am one of those people that tend to read to learn and be sharpened. Rather than spend my time entertaining myself with reading for pleasure; (Who does that?!)  If I want to be entertained, I’ll go to the gym or watch something with the family curled up on the couch with me. One thing I like to do is read quotes from some of the most brilliant and prominent figures in our worlds history. It inspires me and sometimes with just a few words creates in me great sources of zeal, satisfaction, conviction and motivation.

our greatest fear moodySo today this one hit me hard. D. L. Moody – “Our greatest fear should not be of failure, but of succeeding at something that doesn’t really matter.” WOW! We are so afraid to try things, let alone things that matter. The more something matters, the more it might ask of you. Mark 8:36 says, “What good is it for someone to gain the whole world, yet forfeit their soul?” Jesus right there tells us what doesn’t matter. He tells us that the cost of following after things with no eternal value is worthless and of no benefit. Might I challenge you, as I myself too am challenged; what are you really afraid of? What will you succeed in?


Be blessed, Have faith, Give hope, Be LOVE!

Rev. Anthony C. S. Flanigan



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