Wasted Words – Pastor Anthony –

Scripture: Proverbs 23:9, Romans 14:1,13,16,17,19,22.

Observation: Our words are wasted in these arguments; even our carefully chosen ‘prudent’ word will turn to scorn. The fool is convinced otherwise. Don’t be a fool by arguing with one. Likewise the petty arguments in the church have painted the picture of a confused foolish religion. People divided over interpretations – arguing for the sake of pride and self-righteousness – rather than; in silence, allowing Christ’s righteousness be revealed. Our words are wasted and don’t cause righteousness when our most sincere motives are formed from the position of being ‘right,’ or needing to be right on the matter.

Christ bestows blessing in a place of unity; convictions- when biblical shall not become stumbling blocks for someone else’s faith.

Application: I need to recognize the obstacles I have placed by my own convictions and remove them. For the sake of mutual edification find unity and work towards it. I need to remember to pass judgement on differences in conviction is to ‘condemn myself’ and waste my efforts and words.

Prayer: LORD, help me to lead from a place of unity and not to influence self righteous opinions. Keep me humble and ve righteous in me, so that You might lead many to You and correct our wasted words. Amen.

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