Tailor Made

April 3, 2016
David couldn't do battle in "Man's Armor" Because it wasn't made for him. So how do we do battle? What kind of battle are we in, and what is tailor…


March 13, 2016
How can we imitate a God we cannot see? Perhaps we should be asking the question: How can we see God, and what should we be seeing when we see…

Ultimate Upgrade

February 28, 2016
How do you know when it is time for an upgrade? Together we discover how the revelation of Grace, Love, and God's created purpose show us how obsolete and futile…

Stop Being A Baby

February 21, 2016
What should we look like when God's Spirit reveals His Grace and Love to us in such a way that it actually gets ahold of us? Is that revival?
Pastor Anthony explains how the divine revelation of love changes and revolutionizes our lives in every way.

I Didn’t Belong

January 31, 2016
Do you remember what it's like to not fit in? Culture shock? Remembering these things can actually help you understand the mission of God and His Church.
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