Profess-In-All- (Professional) – Pastor Anthony

Scripture: James 1:26-27 & 22

James is making the push for whole life impacting faith. he is saying, ‘Quit wasting time in religious activity and start getting real with a faith that will change your life and impact those around you.’ James 3:10 ‘Out of the same mouth come blessing/praise and cursing. My brothers, this should not be/this is not right!’ The whole point of spiritual discipline/religious activity, is to be turned over – in relationship with Christ – to the process of being made new and transformed into His image. The motions don’t matter if they don’t have allowance for internal movement. Going to church, learning the culture, the lingo and becoming a professional bobble head does nothing – it is a worthless thing – that is until the seed of the Word is allowed to spring a root to grow and bear fruit. The central nervous system has it’s center for command in the brain. Our thoughts; both voluntary and involuntary, control our movements – including the mouth. Every word begins with a thought. God has the capability to carry off for the slaughter any thought that is inconsistent with God, His plan, and His identity for those that believe. Our mouths tell our hearts story – its sickness, its health. Out of the overflow of the heart – the mouth speaks. Also the body moves in agreement and in alignment with the mind and heart. We shall not proclaim to be a child of light that lives in darkness. True faith has it’s fruit initially in our words and evidentially in our movements. There we see the switch flipped from doing things for faith and to doing things because of faith. Our words as well as our lives are the professional tell-all. In every thing we do and say, our heart and thoughts are interpreted. They ‘Profess-in-all’ what and who we really are. Blessing and cursing cannot come from the same place. As the decay of the cursing will rob all fruit of its usefulness. I could write on for ever on this- but it is time to do what it says and be transformed. I know I will be continuing this thought through the whole book of James.

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