Mirrors – The Revelation of Grace


I’ve come to a realization: How I look at myself in the mirror impacts the way I enjoy my day. But let’s rewind a little bit to last week. I was at the YMCA doing my thing.

There are three reasons to look in the mirror at the YMCA:

Balance and Form: This is what the mirrors are there for. They help us to maintain proper form while we perform potentially dangerous movements under massive loads of pressure. A person could be injured badly from incorrect form and bad balance during a work out; however most of the time the mirrors serve another purpose.

Vanity and Comparison: Let’s be honest though. When we get our pump on it encourages us. It’s an instant gratification to literally see the progress of a workout in the form of dehydrated body tissues and firmed up and pumped up desirables. Comparison Kills they say. I often find myself feeling like less when I look around me and see guys in way better shape than I am. I stop feeling so good about myself; my vanity can quickly turn to insecurity.

360 degrees:  The mirrors seem to provide us with nearly a full 360 degree panorama of the lush scenery in the gym. There are things I wish I could ‘un-see’ that I’ve seen in mirrors. There are also things I wish I saw more of, like people taking their first steps into the gym – they look both confused and excited, nonetheless bewildered as they walk around the gym in wonder!  I’ve found myself choosing work out areas further away from the mirrors because of this panorama. Unfortunately some people dress to attract at the gym and I don’t really care to see it. #donteventrytomakemestumble #getbehindmesatan.

There is a huge revelation about Grace every day in the mirror. The truth is, we will have days when we feel like we can do anything. We will have days when we feel like we’ve tried everything and nothing works. There are days when we are reminded of our victories. There are days when we feel like all we do is fail. But Grace tells us a different story. Grace tells us: That man that looks good in the mirror – God created Him for great things! Grace also tells us: That failure, that man that doesn’t measure up, compare or that just looks like a failure to me, THAT man is new! God is fully aware of all of our failures, He purchased us, redeeming us from those things. Grace is often felt when we have a full 360 degree panorama of what’s going on around us, in us and through us, but knowing that God is still good and in a good mood.

The revelation of Grace gives balance to our lives. We learn not to see ourselves after our failures, and therefore we don’t see others according to theirs. The revelation of grace tells us that in spite of all of our failures, flaws and even being poorly conditioned for what we are attempting – God still calls us to greater things; things that only HE can do through us! Grace is magnificent in that it humbles us, but doesn’t destroy us. Grace builds us up as His purpose and calling trump our failed attempts and inabilities.

The revelation of grace should first change how you see yourself in the mirror, but once that guy is seen in the proper perspective; it’s time to perceive the world through grace. Your world will literally change when you see it revealed truly though Grace! God has a purpose for all of us, even those who are far off! Let’s pray that the Holy Spirit reveals true Grace to our hearts and opens our eyes to see it clearly!

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