Johns call is mine too. – Pastor Anthony –

Scripture: Luke 1:67-80

God is great and greatly to be praised. His Goodness extends before the foundation of time. God shows mercy to us in keeping His promises. Praise God for the fulfillment of His promise to Abraham, the same promise is for me today.
God has given us the message to spread the knowledge of salvation (2 peter 1 all things that pertain to life and Godliness through the Knowledge of Him.) We are recipients of the fulfillment of His promises, Fear of man has no place, we are free to worship Him and Him alone. Again God is merciful, He causes the sun to rise and fall, even on our darkest situations… Death itself – God is sending a rising Sun – The Son – The Light of Salvation, to cast out the shadows and guide our way rightly and peacefully.
John Grew up, not just in stature, but he became strong in spirit (faith) and He lived a life that reflected the evidences of God’s call.

First let me never forget that in everything I do, I should start by giving God praise. When I read this word spoken by a father over His son, I think of my own children. The power of prophecy. I will prophecy over my children more intentionally during the times that I pray for them.
God is so good, He has been so merciful. This mercy is still in the process of defining me. As I continue to connect more and more with Gods great mercy; let me grow in the Knowledge of salvation and strength in spirit.
This word was spoken specifically over John the Baptist as a ‘for-runner’ preparing the way for the Lord. John understood this. John didn’t live a life that was worried about acceptance of man. He understood that even unto death that there was no room to seek the acceptance of man. John lived in the wilderness, He didn’t dress like everyone else, he didn’t conform to fit. But in living out Gods call on his life to its fullest definition, he grew.
This also is my call. As a for-runner, to lead people to the knowledge and joy of salvation. There is no room for fear of man, there is no room for conformity. There is only need for me to be fully defined by Christs work and ministry in, to, and through me.

Thank you Jesus for your mercy. I pray that you will lead me to speak YOUR words over my children. Let the prophetic call be embraced and true in my life and my household. Help me Lord to stay focused on what you would have for me to do and teach me to live a life that reflects your calling. Define me by your love and let me ooze the message of Your salvation. Thank you for the ministry of humility that John had. Teach me to number my days, teach me to be humble, lead me into your light. Thank you for being my refuge, my strength, my daddy – Pappa God.

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