Embalmed and Guilt Free – Pastor Anthony –

Scripture: Hebrews 10:2-7

If a sacrifice or sin offering actually had the ability to “perfect” us, repeated offerings wouldn’t be required – If that could happen people would not return to worship in guilt with offerings, but they would be guilt free and never again approach God with sin offerings. BUT Christ did! But He – as high priest, did not offer the blood of bulls and goats; but rather, He offered Himself perfected on the cross. He – Once and for all acknowledged God’s will and pleased Him; not by offering up the innocence of others, but of His own accord. Because of His victory we are not guilty anymore -‘there is therefore no condemnation for those that are in Christ Jesus. The age of the burnt offering is over. There is a new thing, pleasing to the Lord – ‘You have prepared for me a body… I have come to do Your will my God.’ Christ’s mission in His body pointed to the grave, obedience to the grave in His will. The ultimate realization is that our bodies – our lives – must be made obedient to the will of God in being laid down in the burial waters of baptism and embalmed – Filled for the burial with His Holy Spirit. A pleasing man to the Lord is a dead man walking, filled with the evidence of resurrection power. Inner decay and the stench of death – the ‘dead things in our lives’ are removed and replaced with the sign of preservation – the substance of faith, yielding eternal hope.

Once and for all – for me, all the time. I need to allow this seed to take deeper root in me and to multiply. Before I allow myself to take enough ownership of sin – I must acknowledge that Christ already owns it – the guilt is not rightfully mine – and now Christ’s Holy Spirit is a reminder of my righteousness, rather than penance for sin. My offering is my life – prepared for the burial, embalmed and sealed by His Spirit.. So I must say – ‘Here I am my God, I have come to do Your will.’

God seal me for burial that I might share in the power of resurrection and see Your will done on earth as it is in Heaven. Amen.

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