Brackish Faith – Pastor Anthony

Scripture: James 3:6-12

Our tongue is destructive. The words we say have the power to consume and destroy. The corruptness of our nature is most easily seen in our words. The words we say are not just indicative of where we are, but also where we are going. Toxic words set ‘the whole course of one’s life on fire.’ The junk we spew today will continue to decay and impact tomorrow. James said the tongue itself is ‘set on fire by hell.’ Wow! It’s no wonder one of the first evidences of a person being touched by grace is they clean up their speech; likewise the most commonly seen sign of the baptism of the Holy Spirit is speaking in divine tongues. When heaven invades a person – filling them with the Kingdom – The tongue is the first to respond. The tongue is enslaved by darkness apart from Christ. We can do whatever we want, but there is no way to break the slanderous alignment of the tongue without Christ. Apart from Christ our words are ‘full of deadly poison.’ This being true, then one filled with God’s Holy Spirit will speak words as the antidote. The words of healing found in the scarred hands of the Messiah.
Somehow we initiate faith in Christ for the sake of salvation, but we have one foot in the world and one in heaven. Our identity becomes lost in translation and our tongues tell the story of such identity crisis. One moment the Kingdom flows, then the next the Flesh flows and so on. This should not be! James is saying we cannot praise God and curse His creation with the same tongue. He says you’ve got two types of streams, salt water and fresh water – but neither can produce the other. Either we are salt, or we are not! All in, or confused. That’s where we stand.

Brackish water. That is where fresh water streams meet up with bodies of salt water. In brackish water the variety of fish that can dwell is limited. Likewise as people of faith. The variety of fruit that comes from the brackish faith is limited. God is calling us out into the body of salt water – He calls us the salt of the earth. He is telling us to go all in. No sitting on the fence. We cannot wallow in brackish waters and wonder where the vibrant variety of color found in Caribbean seas cannot be found. We cannot wade in brackish waters with confusion – ‘why isn’t God blessing my life?’ God is calling you out into the deep blue sea. The shallow brackish faith is where the world stops and heaven begins – but it is the translation point. The translation point is no place to stop. Brackish is the beginning of the journey. we have to allow ourselves to be pulled in by the current of the sea to see for ourselves the depths of God’s glory. How do we know if we are in brackish waters? Listen to our words, take an inventory of healing and hurting words. Hurting people hurt people, allow Christ to heal you and draw you out into the deep waters of His grace, so that you too might become a walking message of the God who heals.

God, I know you are calling out from the deep. I know you will lead me into Your promise. Give me the faith to follow your lead out of the flesh, through the brackish to reside in the deep blue with you! I shall not live between two covenants, or confused over two lives, my life is yours, Your Kingdom is my home, you give me everything I need to swim with you in the deep. Amen.

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