Come as you are - Leave Empowered

Worship Sundays at 10:30 a.m.


316 N Cody Road

LeClaire Iowa, 52753

Have Faith

Faith is the main ingredient. Everything we do ought to establish, build, and re-approriate our faith. Jesus is faith's author and perfecter. With faith everything is possible.

Give Hope

Discouragement for the day leads to a loss of hope in the future. We endeavor to produce hope through encouraging each other and serving our community well.

Be Love

God IS love! We are they that ought to be known by that same love. We must be impacted by love to the effect of becoming love to everyone around us - love is must.

Last Weeks Message

Saints or Robbers

February 10, 2019
We might be shocked when we challenge whether 'tithing' is a new testament principle. How might the 'church' have historically taken advantage of this God given principle and what might…
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" We shouldn't need a miracle to believe in Jesus,
But rather, Gods word should lead us all
into the miraculous."
- Rev. Anthony Flanigan